The Driver

The high-speed, unbelievable, illegal, bittersweet, hilarious, danger packed true story of Team Polizei, from my father’s revelatory deathbed confession to my search for the truth behind the greatest secret in racing history.

The Driver follows my attempt to duplicate Claude Lelouch’s Rendezvous (albeit around Manhattan), the creation of Team Polizei, the discovery of the now-infamous Polizei BMW M5, our debut on the 2003 Gumball 3000, my ignominous capture on the 2004 Bullrun USA, and many more adventures so far known only through snippets on YouTube…culminating with my delving into the true history of the Cannonball Run and U.S. Express – the underground cross-country races from which modern endurance rallies descended – and the long-secret record whose true story has yet to be told.

An extended confession of almost every moving violation I’ve ever committed, written with the help of scores of law enforcement personnel, dozens of judges, several attorneys and hundreds of rally drivers, friends and fans, The Driver is the first-ever insider’s account of modern underground automotive endurance events, and the truth behind the mythology in which they are clouded.

Research alone took ten months, and required tracking down innumerable participants and witnesses to events heretofore unknown anywhere beyond bar talk and fan discussion forums. All events depicted are corroborated by two or more sources, including still images, video, eyewitness accounts, first-person narratives, news coverage, and police and emergency services reports. All corroborating documentation can be made available upon request., but If I know you, you’ve probably already seen it. Here are some preliminary screenshots of my secondary monitor midway through the writing process, on which I displayed background information as I wrote: